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A relationship based on trust

Posted by Deep Now Lab Team on
A relationship based on trust

Who made our clothes?

The company is located in the north of Portugal, a small town called Barcelos. With a long experience in textile manufacturing they meet the highest standard of quality and innovation. This small batch factory is operated by Elisabete and Luis, two beautiful people motivated by transparency and ethical manufacturing methods. Nora had the pleasure of meeting them during a business trip in Portugal few years ago, they welcomed and showed her the production sites as well as their printing, dying and embroidery suppliers. A relationship based on trust was born, that’s why when the Deep Now Lab Project took shape, they were the first suppliers we got in touch with.

The company has an integrated CAD/CAM system, covering the operations of creating/ designing models (CAD) and their subsequent cutting. The next investment is the introduction of an Automatic Cutting System (CAM). In this way, they seek to respond to customers requests quickly and effectively, achieving high standards of quality and productive efficiency.

The production process begins with the direct and effective communication with their client throughout the development of the model. Their internal pattern makers and design team are fully trained to respond effectively to the development of the process, while the different departments are tasked with the steps of selection of material, cutting, confection, finishing, packing and shipping.

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